Where have you been?

It’s been a long time. Welcome back. The world has changed and there is no where to start listing what is new. Let’s just move on and pretend the last post wasn’t last summer.

Wow, my last post was mid January huh?

Time to take this site down… Find me on G+ for newer posts. I’ll set up a redirect once I backup and teardown this site.

63158463 down

63158463 down, 31536060 to go. Will I make it?

Shaking the Magic 8 Ball

Don’t Count on It

Happy New Year!

…that is all!

But wait! Update on activity 😛



Crazy to see 20k step days..

Those Mayans Were Wrong!

Well, it’s midnight and no change. I guess I have to go back to work.

Ingress: Googles way to get us out and walking. Results from the last seven days are in and a slight improvement to the previous week. I don’t have data from the first week since I had rebuilt my PC and didn’t have the Fitbit software installed to collect the data.



These additional steps are just from some additional walking to/from the train to work and the lunch hour. At least I know I’m meeting the 10,000 steps goal I originally set.

Debian Lenny to Squeeze… sort of a pain.

The site has been up and down a few times in the past few evenings as I am slowly fixing things a after a dist-upgrade. It didn’t appear all that much was different between 5.x and 6.x but there were quite a few issues with NIS and NFS plus lots of other configuration changes to deal with. Anyway its nearly done and probably the last in place upgrade since I’m considering KVM as soon as Wheezy (7.x) is ready.

Otherwise nothing new. Sleep, work, repeat …

Side note: When upgrading postgres really doesn’t upgrade like you think it would or should – maybe that is a good thing? Unlike mysql it doesn’t just perform the upgrade on the database. In Lenny postgres 8.3 was installed and during the upgrade to Squeeze 8.4 was installed. As I was cleaning old packages up I do recall aptitude wanting to remove the 8.3 binaries so I did (still thinking the data from 8.3 was in 8.4). Oddly enough the 8.3 instance was still running and available to query/update by my Ruby on Rails app. I ended up finally re-installing the 8.3 client and using pg_dumpall to save my database and then loaded it into 8.4, killed the 8.3 instance and configured my app for 8.4. It seems as if I need to spend more time with postgres to understand how it differs from what I’m typically used to.


Whew, another major election done. Mostly good, some bad (or discouraging). Overall I’m pleased and was happy to see that MN had about a 75% turnout. I still wonder about the 25% that didn’t bother, I’d expect at least a 90% turnout in my mind since there is always a 10% population that are slackers/underachievers.

Ok, enough politics. On with the tech projects. 🙂 Thanks for playing.


RaspBMC + MPEG2 licence = semi-smart 8 year old TV

So as I realized while experimenting with RaspBMC some of my media plus what is served from PlayOn PC is streaming video as MPEG2. I wasn’t going to succeed with replacing my XBOX (classic) running XBMC with the limitation. Fortunately recently there was a posting about support of MPEG2 on the Raspberry Pi if you purchase the license. So I looked into that further and for the $3.25 it was well worth it to continue on. One thing I hadn’t realized was a firmware upgrade was needed but that was quite easy while using RaspBMC though required a reinstall to RC5 thus lost my prior settings. Anyway it’s all working fine now and quality (picture & sound) exceeds the XBOX hack I had been using for years. Plus no more annoying XBOX sound/grind and no more blinking light as the dead DVD drive tries to read the nothingness in the tray.

Next to experiment with using extra USB media for times I’m away from my network. Also to see if there are better Plex add on as the one I tried initially doesn’t like to always work.


SNL iPhone 5 skit – First World Problems

Pretty funny indeed.



Remote Wipe Dropbox?

I had started looking to see if there was a remote wipe for DropBox but didn’t see anything promising. I did find the following link though. Seems like this would only work if the machine was on the network though…