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As I keep telling myself “change is good!” as well as enjoy keeping myself away from being too comfortable; leaving is often hard as you feel like you gave up on something you’ve but a huge effort into.

People leave for various reasons, often due to work/life imbalance, too much stress, or sick of being woke up every night. I don’t feel none of those really apply this time. Sure things are stressful as a team of 12 dwindles to a team of 4 but at the end of the day there is only so much work that can be done. Management has to accept that or change.

I can’t quite put my finger on the exact cause this time but it seems once you lose your “core brain trust” portion of the team there really isn’t anyone left to bounce ideas off of. This is by no means a fault to the team that is left as it’s just a wide gap of experience between the top and the next rung down.

I feel another significant reason may be towards the lack of approval for investing time into processes that help improve the quality and timely delivery with building infrastructure so that standards are being followed and adhered to. Yes it costs money but at least the team has a chance to survive as key members leave. However for those that join can also leverage any process that has been automated and deliver the quality work our team has been known for.

In conclusion I agree that a business needs to make a profit.. though pushing the most loyal to the point they don’t care is not the approach to take for continued success.

On to the next challenge!

Three Years!

Those that have worked with me or have seen my resume know that being at an employer for three years is a rare occurrence. In a couple weeks this will occur regardless* if I turned in a two week notice today. 

Seems crazy but the time has went by fast. The opportunity to work more from home certainly helps improve job satisfaction. Will this pass my all time record on length of employment? We shall see.

*Unless immediate termination occurs

Did I mention…

that I left Oracle a year ago? If not my bad. I’m gone and that is all.

Highly Productive Weekend – meh?

It’s the designated Quarterly Maintenance weekend for my day job though not all that much I had to assist with since I’m only 50% on the sysdba team. So since I was sticking around for the weekend and there really isn’t all that much to do otherwise while my wife worked I took the time to get Oracle RAC setup in my home server environment again. My previous install was blown away quite a while back to make room for other cool projects.

This time around the entire install was based upon the latest release ( of the Grid Infrastructure and Database. Also this time around I setup the Xen guests as paravirtualized (pv) rather than full (hvm) and used CentOS 5.7 rather than Oracle Enterprise Linux. I hadn’t had experience setting up OEL as a pv but last Fall found a slick way to install CentOS. I’ll miss out on things such as ACFS but I have no desire to use ASM as a LVM (probably since the shared disk I use for ASM is essentially LVs over iSCSI – you can only virtualize so much before it’s pointless -no?)

Overall the entire setup was quite easy. Using open-iSCSI on the guests was the only real thing different from my 11.1 RAC installs. It seems like each RAC install since 11.2 has really been improved and has become quite flawless. I have no real use case for RAC but at least I have a recent setup around again to play around with.

I also decided to attempt my first installation of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. I had one other database server with an adequate amount of memory to attempt the installation but so far it’s been slow going (stuck at 66% for quite some time). I’m sure my ‘ignoring’ the 3GB physical RAM requirement will cause an issue since WebLogic loves to crash on low-memory machines (java… meh) At least I tried and suppose I could always shutdown the two RAC nodes to reclaim 4GB of physical RAM to ensure a successful installation.

So, there you have it, my weekend in less than 500 words.

Note: Summary of installation steps to be provided on Samdog Consulting site in the near future.

Update: Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c install did actually die upon first attempt. Successfully installed after server was brought up with 5GB physical RAM. It’s a pig but to be expected I suppose...

One Year…

Today is offically my one year anniversary at my current employer. I suppose that is consindered somewhat of an accomplishment. Unfortunately nothing really significant happens here until year three so the likely chance of making it to year three could be interesting given my typical employment trend. We’ll see…

Another day another less use of pertinent skills

As for recent I’ve been noticing that I’ve been getting involved with less and less tasks which match my skillset. I guess I should be happy to have freedom to do new things but feel my time at work could be put to better use.

One thing that has been sort of fun is get back into some Perl scripting. I had originally thought of using shell or python but shell was lacking in support of regex I was trying to do and was unfamiliar with connecting to a db with python using the version on the server. Using the Perl included in the Oracle home seemed like the ideal solution as it required no additional module installation (i.e. DBI). So far so good and progress is being made despite the constant requests for status updates…

Career enhancements: nil

Downtown: 1 Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe I’ve been once again working downtown Minneapolis for one year. I have enjoyed it for the most part and each day I feel I made the right choice. One of the greater joys I have experienced is the ability to utilize mass transit for my daily commute.

As far as the employment front I have mixed feelings. The first position really gave me the freedom to learn and expand my knowledge which would greatly improve my overall career. The second position not so much. I feel quite trapped and am not getting my technical fix which can only lead to dissatisfaction as time passes. Of course I am grateful for the opportunities my employers provide me but I do need to be a bit selfish with defining my own career.

For the time being I’ll make the most of what I am given and try to be excited for opportunities to learn or at least look at things not as interesting to me personally. Perhaps things will change or perhaps there is a lateral move to something I would enjoy more. In the meantime my technical fix will have to provided outside of my day job.

A special thanks to those I worked with at my first position downtown, you all were the best despite my ocassionsal dissatisfaction with out of hours work I really enjoyed the opportunities provided and technical satisfaction.

Also, a thanks to those I’m currently working with. Don’t mind my remarks from time to time, I doubt I’ll ever fully adjust to a large corporation setting again, that’s just how it goes after working for smaller companies… You’ll find me cube 10123 trying to avoid the bright overhead lights (is there a real need for lights every six feet?).

To those that I spend 30-35 minutes each way to and from work – thanks for not bothering me when I’m deep in thought and wearing my headphones. Through constant silence our time together is enjoyable.


Where does the time go?

Once again it’s been a while since the last post, where does the time go?
New job is going well, doing a combo of security and environment setup. The only downside is having no rights on most environments, a feeling of powerless… Though that means less of a chance to get blamed if something breaks 🙂

Can’t believe Valentines Day is almost here, I have some good things for Ingrid.
Only thing else going on is a pending rebuild of my desktop PC, it’s been nearly 16 months, would like to rebuild that before starting on a new development project I have in mind. More to come.