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(tap)(tap)(tap)… is this thing still on?

Happy 2021! – it can’t be any worse than 2020, right?

Strange Times…

When does WFH end?

As much as I’ve always appreciated WFH days this time around it’s more of a challenge since it’s so easy to just keep working. I’ve been trying various things to break up the day. So far setting a bunch of alarms at the end of the day is working. I’m looking forward to taking more bike rides as it warms up.

Meh, really?

I’m guessing this is good for Dark Sky but it seems pretty extreme to just kill off the non-iOS applications (Android). I’ll miss it and it’s awesome predicability.

I can’t press OK yet…

Someone is having way too much fun.


Cloudy Cloud Cloud

Last year it was going to be aggressive hiring…

Don’t Hold Your Breath

🙂 – Basically seeing if there is a wiki plugin to WordPress rather than just installing whatever wiki software exists these days. Maybe I really don’t need a wiki to post? I dunno, we’ll see over the next few months.

R.I.P. Mr. John Bedard


It’s been a sad couple of days realizing one of my ultimate best friends has departed the earth entirely too early.

I worked with John at my first job out of college (mid 1998) for nearly four years. In the time between leaving Montana for Minnesota we have stayed in touch over various forms of social media and exchanged many of messages. John always put a smile on my face when I was feeling down through witty comments / postings. People that know him will agree he is a very unique guy in which frequented in many circles. As our friend Mike posted he was the glue to held all of us together. We’re so fortunate to have time to visit with John and other friends during our trip to Montana last Summer.

John, you will be missed immensely. I take pleasure in knowing you died doing what you enjoyed best rather that sitting in a cubical working for corporate America. Peace be with you until we meet again.

Bedard – From Mike Quinn

Family and friends of John. You are in our thoughts.

John’s Facebook page:

Glacier National Park Annual Pass for 2012

During our visit to Glacier National Park last summer we stopped by to look at the 1913 St. Mary Ranger Station. While there my wife and I were encouraged to make a few brush strokes to a mural the volunteer (Sheryl Mink ) was working on. Well, that mural is the photo used on the 2012 annual pass for Glacier National Park. Read more at: