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Microsoft open-sources 60,000 patents to help Linux avoid lawsuits

Who would have thought this would ever happen after the “Linux is a cancer” quote many years ago.

Nice job Microsoft.

is this thing on?

If you ever get a crazy idea to upgrade a server vm two full releases without any sort of a real plan… don’t. Admittedly there would be no love loss if it never came back but it’s certainly a nice puzzle to solve. Best thing of it is that I’m up to date on security patches and it’s damn hard to kill Linux.

Hmm, I did something to prove nothing? :)

Actually a fairly challenging exam in my opinion, it was fun too.


On to the System Engineer one? We’ll see…

Patch your shit… – CVE-2016-5195

The threat is real…

That is all.

Oh Oracle… How about getting back to innovating?

Give it up Oracle

Icinga …and probably other monitoring solutions

So… for the past I don’t know many months I’ve been messing around with Icinga2 and admit it looks nice compared to other monitoring solutions I’ve tried. As far as configuration.. well that is part is just as complex as others – though I admit I really need to RTFM before commenting more. For the time being I’ve been using a trial/error approach to just make things shut up when thresholds are hit 😉

So, check Icinga out if you haven’t

If you have any tips please leave a comment.

Pretty Sure Hell has Frozen Over

I suppose it couldn’t have been too much of an effort since it was once on UNIX back in the 80/90s as Sybase.

Is it good for the Internet? Probably – perhaps it will bring the costs of some other RDBMS vendor down?

Will I use it? Probably not as I’ve converted most old work I had in SQL Server to MySQL long ago. Though I certainly will check it out at some point.

Let’s Encrypt!

It’s here and in public beta! There is no longer an excuse!

Even though I don’t use this site much, why not eh? 🙂

So Docker…

After breaking my devel box’s ZoL due to having to upgrade the kernel to 3.8 or higher I finally have been able to try it out with Crate.

For sure interesting and something I’ll have to revisit when I have more time to read and explore.

RaspBMC + MPEG2 licence = semi-smart 8 year old TV

So as I realized while experimenting with RaspBMC some of my media plus what is served from PlayOn PC is streaming video as MPEG2. I wasn’t going to succeed with replacing my XBOX (classic) running XBMC with the limitation. Fortunately recently there was a posting about support of MPEG2 on the Raspberry Pi if you purchase the license. So I looked into that further and for the $3.25 it was well worth it to continue on. One thing I hadn’t realized was a firmware upgrade was needed but that was quite easy while using RaspBMC though required a reinstall to RC5 thus lost my prior settings. Anyway it’s all working fine now and quality (picture & sound) exceeds the XBOX hack I had been using for years. Plus no more annoying XBOX sound/grind and no more blinking light as the dead DVD drive tries to read the nothingness in the tray.

Next to experiment with using extra USB media for times I’m away from my network. Also to see if there are better Plex add on as the one I tried initially doesn’t like to always work.