Icinga …and probably other monitoring solutions

So… for the past I don’t know many months I’ve been messing around with Icinga2 and admit it looks nice compared to other monitoring solutions I’ve tried. As far as configuration.. well that is part is just as complex as others – though I admit I really need to RTFM before commenting more. For the time being I’ve been using a trial/error approach to just make things shut up when thresholds are hit 😉

So, check Icinga out if you haven’t https://www.icinga.org/

If you have any tips please leave a comment.

Happy 0331 Day!

If you don’t get it don’t ask.


While I would love to go on a rant about Ticketbots I’ve held off after a few days to let things settle and have came to the conclusion that no price above face value of the ticket is worth paying to see.

Perhaps if no one interacts with the third party that sucked up all the tickets seats will go unfilled and give said band something to complain about like they once did about Napster.

So Stub Hub and the rest of you can suck it – ’nuff said.

Pretty Sure Hell has Frozen Over


I suppose it couldn’t have been too much of an effort since it was once on UNIX back in the 80/90s as Sybase.

Is it good for the Internet? Probably – perhaps it will bring the costs of some other RDBMS vendor down?

Will I use it? Probably not as I’ve converted most old work I had in SQL Server to MySQL long ago. Though I certainly will check it out at some point.

Happy 2016!

Just a quick post to wish anyone who may stumble upon this a Happy New Year!

Let’s Encrypt!

It’s here and in public beta! There is no longer an excuse!


Even though I don’t use this site much, why not eh? 🙂

So Docker…

After breaking my devel box’s ZoL due to having to upgrade the kernel to 3.8 or higher I finally have been able to try it out with Crate.

For sure interesting and something I’ll have to revisit when I have more time to read and explore.

Good Bye 2014

As 2014 comes to an end I celebrate by upgrading my home server(s) operating systems. A few sites are hosted locally so those rare readers out there may notice things being offline occasionally. Heh, I really doubt anyone will notice. The goal is to get all Debian hosts to at least Wheezy (7.x).

I next need to figure out what to do with the 10.04 Ubuntu host but it’s sort of piece of our main infrastructure at home so some planning is required.

So this is my final 2014 post 😎. Expect the same in 2015.

Hello T-Mobile

Yep, that’s right. I tested it for a week using a *cough*iDevice*cough* and found the network met our requirements and in most cases faster than our previous carrier.

It’s been just over a month since started this post and overall it’s been working out. The downside has been lack of coverage up North but hopefully that will improve in upcoming years.

Spending less for more data and flexibility has worked well.

Did I mention…

that I left Oracle a year ago? If not my bad. I’m gone and that is all.