Sleep is just a dream away.

LOL, that’s what happens after very little sleep for the week. I don’t ever recall that much deep and REM ever in a night.

Watch “Metallica: Sad But True (MetOnTour – Lisbon, Portugal – 2018)” on YouTube

The “cloud” is just hype…

This sort of thing happens when you miss the boat.

So long Btrfs.. i hardly knew you…

Oracle effectively doubles licence fees to run its stuff in AWS • The Register

So sad they have to change the rules of the game to promote their cloud environment…

Hmm, I did something to prove nothing? :)

Actually a fairly challenging exam in my opinion, it was fun too.


On to the System Engineer one? We’ll see…

Patch your shit… – CVE-2016-5195

The threat is real…

That is all.

A Minute to Breathe

Very nice.

Three Years!

Those that have worked with me or have seen my resume know that being at an employer for three years is a rare occurrence. In a couple weeks this will occur regardless* if I turned in a two week notice today. 

Seems crazy but the time has went by fast. The opportunity to work more from home certainly helps improve job satisfaction. Will this pass my all time record on length of employment? We shall see.

*Unless immediate termination occurs


While I really was excited that Metallica was coming to Minneapolis I was certainly less impressed with the process to obtain reasonably priced tickets. No luck on the day before premature ticket discharge nor the actual day of sale. Ticketmaster’s site is just that bad but realistically probably spammed by bots sucking up the tickets at face value. Anyway, I’m over it and feel fortunate enough to have seen Metallica in their mid career.

Compare this price to what you’ll find the tickets going for now… crazy to think but again this has been 24 years ago – wow… I’m getting old 😛


I had thought about obtaining tickets from these other sites but the stubbornness in me refuses to support those sites in the hope that they get stuck with excess tickets and eventually something changes. It’s not the price at this point, just the principle. Fans are missing out on one of the better shows, it’s just sad… Perhaps Metallica can use their status in the industry to fight back against the bot behavior?, doubtful as they are making bank regardless and seem to fill seats consistently.

Side note: it was awesome of them to allow the live stream on Pandora.