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RaspBMC + MPEG2 licence = semi-smart 8 year old TV

So as I realized while experimenting with RaspBMC some of my media plus what is served from PlayOn PC is streaming video as MPEG2. I wasn’t going to succeed with replacing my XBOX (classic) running XBMC with the limitation. Fortunately recently there was a posting about support of MPEG2 on the Raspberry Pi if you purchase the license. So I looked into that further and for the $3.25 it was well worth it to continue on. One thing I hadn’t realized was a firmware upgrade was needed but that was quite easy while using RaspBMC though required a reinstall to RC5 thus lost my prior settings. Anyway it’s all working fine now and quality (picture & sound) exceeds the XBOX hack I had been using for years. Plus no more annoying XBOX sound/grind and no more blinking light as the dead DVD drive tries to read the nothingness in the tray.

Next to experiment with using extra USB media for times I’m away from my network. Also to see if there are better Plex add on as the one I tried initially doesn’t like to always work.


In case you’re a klutz…

Just in case you’re a klutz like me lately and have a Raspberry Pi this link is for you.

I essentially followed the steps listed on the page this morning and will confirm that the solution indeed works tonight. One side of the SD Card holder on the Pi is a rather thin rail which obviously is quite easy to damage based upon results I get when searching on Google. The end result may not look nice but if it functions that is all I’m concerned about.

I should make a case or perhaps just buy one for the Pi. Of course this is exactly what I was thinking as I watched my Pi fall to the floor. If all else fails there is always using a clothes pin to keep the SD card in place.

Hopefully the next version of the Pi has a more enclosed SD card holder, suppose I could get creative and replace the one with a better one though I don’t feel like dealing with soldering these days.

Update: The solution didn’t quite work for me as it doesn’t create enough pressure on the SD card. I’m going to tweak this approach by sanding down the edges so that the piece of plastic sits lower in the socket.

Update to the update: Dremel to the rescue. Sanding down the thickness of the plastic that you’re adhering to the SD card holder to roughly 50% the original thickness appears to be the right amount of pressure needed for the SD card to seat properly. Looks like a hack but it works and that is all I care about.