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Happy May 1st

I can’t believe it’s May already. I sure wish the weather reflected it though…

Anyway, not much new. Being a bum today and experimenting with my new toy, the ASUS O!Play

Overall the ASUS O!Play has played every file I have thrown at it and the picture is really clear – am guessing the all digital interface is what makes the differences. The O!Play UI is a bit funky and browsing network shares and creating shortcuts is odd. Fortunately I can telnet to the device and mount shares from SAMBA which makes things a bit more usable. Oh, the WIFI connection was crappy at first since every other boot prevented the interface from coming up. I had to downgrade to the 1.18 firmware to resolve the issue. Surprisingly streaming a 4GB files over the air works well. I’m happy with the purchase and see potential hacking to make things even better yet!