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Oh the decisions…

With the announcement of the iPad2 from Apple a lot of thought has been placed on whether it’s time to consider a tablet or wait.

What I really have my eye on is the Motorola Xoom mainly because it’s Android and I know that with Android everything Google will work fine. I’m not sure the flash -vs- no-flash is a valid debate, yes it’s nice but I’d hope for a world without flash at some point.

The price of the iPad is very appealing. The price for the Xoom as it exists today is out of my range. Even at the least expensive option I really don’t care for the 2 year contract for the data plan. Personally I’m already paying for a data plan on my mobile phone, I should be able to use it as I wish. Obvious mobile carriers will fight this to the end.

A wifi only option for the Xoom would be awesome, there appears to be a rumor it exists but yet it’s no where to be found so far.

We’ll see. I’ll be curious to hear back from Fro after he picks up the iPad2 and hear his opinion.

The wifi version has arrived since this post and is priced to match the 32GB version of the iPad2. Also Fro has purchased the wifi Xoom and is digging it besides the initial Xoom he purchased which had some rebooting issue.

Meanwhile I’m still on the fence about tablet purchases…