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A bit more meh these days

April sure has been a different month that is for sure. I’m just past two weeks out from surgery and so far feels slightly better though still quite swollen so less able to fully bend which makes stairs a special thing. On the work front am finally getting caught up on tasks and yet feel there is so much more to do. It’s been over six months now in the transition from dev to dev sys support but yet dev keeps me overloaded making it difficult to focus on sysdba tasks. I’m guessing at some point I’ll have to decide whether or not to call it quits and look for other opportunities internally or *gasp* outside. I know there’s one open position on a performance team which looks interesting but some of the tool requirements I’m lacking in.

Another interesting thing I have observed lately is a rather small disgust with Android updates. I know I voiced this in the past but as I see smaller companies like Acer and Archos releasing 4.0 to there tabs I question Samsung overall plan, do they really expect people to buy the newer tablet which is essentially the same specs (plus sd storage which should have existed in the first place) just to get the ICS update? I think not so it may be time to move on. My other two phone devices are finally to gingerbread and that process was entirely too slow. I never expected the Captivate to get the update since it was released with eclair but the Infuse really should be in line for ICS yet it took until just a week ago to get it to gingerbread. Fortunatly the custom mod community exists and I do see it is possible to run ICS on the Captivate. Plus there seems to be progress recently with some early CM9 Infuse builds, just not something I’ll try since the Infuse is my daily driver.

Have I griped enough? Hardly but in all serious I’m just getting this out off my head rather than posting in other social media locations. It’s not like there are many reading this anyway 😉

Downtown: 1 Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe I’ve been once again working downtown Minneapolis for one year. I have enjoyed it for the most part and each day I feel I made the right choice. One of the greater joys I have experienced is the ability to utilize mass transit for my daily commute.

As far as the employment front I have mixed feelings. The first position really gave me the freedom to learn and expand my knowledge which would greatly improve my overall career. The second position not so much. I feel quite trapped and am not getting my technical fix which can only lead to dissatisfaction as time passes. Of course I am grateful for the opportunities my employers provide me but I do need to be a bit selfish with defining my own career.

For the time being I’ll make the most of what I am given and try to be excited for opportunities to learn or at least look at things not as interesting to me personally. Perhaps things will change or perhaps there is a lateral move to something I would enjoy more. In the meantime my technical fix will have to provided outside of my day job.

A special thanks to those I worked with at my first position downtown, you all were the best despite my ocassionsal dissatisfaction with out of hours work I really enjoyed the opportunities provided and technical satisfaction.

Also, a thanks to those I’m currently working with. Don’t mind my remarks from time to time, I doubt I’ll ever fully adjust to a large corporation setting again, that’s just how it goes after working for smaller companies… You’ll find me cube 10123 trying to avoid the bright overhead lights (is there a real need for lights every six feet?).

To those that I spend 30-35 minutes each way to and from work – thanks for not bothering me when I’m deep in thought and wearing my headphones. Through constant silence our time together is enjoyable.