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Enough Tebow already… oh and I built my own cyanogenmod ROM

I had football on for some background noise and all I hear is Tebow this, Tebow that and the whole religious crap that follows. Unfortunately the Broncos won and there will be more Tebow talk. Ugh..

A while back I found a CM from Scratch article on XDA and finally sat down today to give it a try. I oringally tried on Ubuntu 11.10 but compilers and other programs appear to be too new which resulted in linker errors. I next tried my 10.04 LTS box and probably trashed my Ubuntu (10.04) box in the process but overall I ended up with a ROM of my own. I didn’t test it yet but someday I will when there is more time hopefully after switching over to my other phone.

Not really looking forward to going back to work this week, it’s been quite boring and uninteresting as of lately…

Update: Finally applied the ROM I compiled a while back to the Captivate and no issues, a little bit different than the Cyanogenmod 7.1 but then again it comes up with Cyanogenmod 7.2 RC0 in the build. I’m impressed it actually worked. Bring on CM 9 🙂