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Let’s Encrypt!

It’s here and in public beta! There is no longer an excuse!

Even though I don’t use this site much, why not eh? 🙂

So Docker…

After breaking my devel box’s ZoL due to having to upgrade the kernel to 3.8 or higher I finally have been able to try it out with Crate.

For sure interesting and something I’ll have to revisit when I have more time to read and explore.

Good Bye 2014

As 2014 comes to an end I celebrate by upgrading my home server(s) operating systems. A few sites are hosted locally so those rare readers out there may notice things being offline occasionally. Heh, I really doubt anyone will notice. The goal is to get all Debian hosts to at least Wheezy (7.x).

I next need to figure out what to do with the 10.04 Ubuntu host but it’s sort of piece of our main infrastructure at home so some planning is required.

So this is my final 2014 post 😎. Expect the same in 2015.

Wow, my last post was mid January huh?

Time to take this site down… Find me on G+ for newer posts. I’ll set up a redirect once I backup and teardown this site.

Debian Lenny to Squeeze… sort of a pain.

The site has been up and down a few times in the past few evenings as I am slowly fixing things a after a dist-upgrade. It didn’t appear all that much was different between 5.x and 6.x but there were quite a few issues with NIS and NFS plus lots of other configuration changes to deal with. Anyway its nearly done and probably the last in place upgrade since I’m considering KVM as soon as Wheezy (7.x) is ready.

Otherwise nothing new. Sleep, work, repeat …

Side note: When upgrading postgres really doesn’t upgrade like you think it would or should – maybe that is a good thing? Unlike mysql it doesn’t just perform the upgrade on the database. In Lenny postgres 8.3 was installed and during the upgrade to Squeeze 8.4 was installed. As I was cleaning old packages up I do recall aptitude wanting to remove the 8.3 binaries so I did (still thinking the data from 8.3 was in 8.4). Oddly enough the 8.3 instance was still running and available to query/update by my Ruby on Rails app. I ended up finally re-installing the 8.3 client and using pg_dumpall to save my database and then loaded it into 8.4, killed the 8.3 instance and configured my app for 8.4. It seems as if I need to spend more time with postgres to understand how it differs from what I’m typically used to.

Yeah, wtf eh?

Yeah, server has been up and down throughout the weekend. Even some have noticed the outage 😉  anyway here is hoping it doesn’t lock up again now that I have removed a chatty drive. (unfortunately out of warranty 8 months ago…)

If all else fails I throw the Web server in a VM on my desktop PC.

Update: still fighting issues but am planning on a new install and rebuild from there. I’m really starting to wonder why I don’t move some of this to a micro instance on Amazon. Reserved pricing looks nice but would need to determine storage cost, etc…

Site Maintenance

Server rebuild/consolidation taking place throughout the summer. Sites such as and my wiki will be off line for a while. Hosted sites such as has been migrated to another VM and won’t be affected. This site may be up and down a bit throughout the process.

So, now you know 🙂


Silly things I decide to do…

I’m not sure what gets into my head at times but often I find something silly to work on to pass the time and this time around it was getting FreeBSD 9.0 installed running under Xen with full para-virtualization (PV). In the past (I think it was 8.0) I couldn’t even install FreeBSD as a HVM domU as there was some issue with the bootloader. I started seeing posts around the FreeBSD 8.2 release time frame with people getting FreeBSD running under a Linux Xen machine as domU both HVM and PV so I suppose this finally came up on my list of something to do? Anyway I sort of resolved this installation fix around FreeBSD 8.0 by creating a file based image on an existing FreeBSD system and compiling a FreeBSD XEN enabled kernel. Details for what I consider the old way can be found at the following location: HOWTO: Create a FreeBSD 8 i386 Xen PV domU

The new way I used today involves first installing FreeBSD as a HVM domU and transforming the domU from HVM to PV. The instructions were written for FreeBSD 8.2 and Xen 3.4 but I can confirm that they do work for FreeBSD 9.0 with a few small changes (mainly in block device name – it listed ad1s1a whereas I found I had to use ad1p2 as the main device) and using Xen 4.x. I’m going to read up on what’s new in 9.0 so perhaps devices are being renamed. The new instructions can be found at the following site: Xen FreeBSD 8.2 DomU (PV) — Step by Step Howto

Everything seems to be working and it’s nice to have something new to play around with, not sure how effective the installation will be as far as messing with ZFS goes. One thing I’m pretty sure I’ll run into issues with ZFS is the odd memory cap (850MB) the domU has. Last I heard things like dedup fail in low memory setups.

Until next time…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yeah a few days ago but still valid as it’s still the weekend 🙂

Anyway not all that much new but feel I should try to post once a month. Ingrid was off Thursday and Friday so we had our own little thanksgiving dinner together. Throughout the rest of the weekend I spent some time doing a bit of server maintenance so now things are patched up and good to go for another quarter or so.

Not really looking forward to getting back to work tomorow but it’s not too long until the next block of time off so I’m sure I’ll survive 🙂

…until next month! dom0 upgrade complete!

Just a followup on the previous post. Loki (dom0) has been upgraded to Debian 6.x successfully. It was actually quite easy and as expected the domUs started right up after configuring Xen for bridging.

Now that there is a newer kernel I can experiment with things such as btrfs, etc… There should also be so speed ups as well 🙂

Happy Spring!