Yes, I’m still here…

Just have not had time to post anything worth noting. Probably about time to retire the site again eh? Anyway, fall is coming and I shall make more time to post things 🙂

Happy Summer?

As you can see I have lost interest to frequent posting. No fear though as I have been busy with work and life in general.

I recently reconnected with former Marines of B Co, it’s been great catching up though brings back a lot of things I have long forgotten…

Have a great summer!

Downtown: 1 Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe I’ve been once again working downtown Minneapolis for one year. I have enjoyed it for the most part and each day I feel I made the right choice. One of the greater joys I have experienced is the ability to utilize mass transit for my daily commute.

As far as the employment front I have mixed feelings. The first position really gave me the freedom to learn and expand my knowledge which would greatly improve my overall career. The second position not so much. I feel quite trapped and am not getting my technical fix which can only lead to dissatisfaction as time passes. Of course I am grateful for the opportunities my employers provide me but I do need to be a bit selfish with defining my own career.

For the time being I’ll make the most of what I am given and try to be excited for opportunities to learn or at least look at things not as interesting to me personally. Perhaps things will change or perhaps there is a lateral move to something I would enjoy more. In the meantime my technical fix will have to provided outside of my day job.

A special thanks to those I worked with at my first position downtown, you all were the best despite my ocassionsal dissatisfaction with out of hours work I really enjoyed the opportunities provided and technical satisfaction.

Also, a thanks to those I’m currently working with. Don’t mind my remarks from time to time, I doubt I’ll ever fully adjust to a large corporation setting again, that’s just how it goes after working for smaller companies… You’ll find me cube 10123 trying to avoid the bright overhead lights (is there a real need for lights every six feet?).

To those that I spend 30-35 minutes each way to and from work – thanks for not bothering me when I’m deep in thought and wearing my headphones. Through constant silence our time together is enjoyable.


Happy May 1st

I can’t believe it’s May already. I sure wish the weather reflected it though…

Anyway, not much new. Being a bum today and experimenting with my new toy, the ASUS O!Play

Overall the ASUS O!Play has played every file I have thrown at it and the picture is really clear – am guessing the all digital interface is what makes the differences. The O!Play UI is a bit funky and browsing network shares and creating shortcuts is odd. Fortunately I can telnet to the device and mount shares from SAMBA which makes things a bit more usable. Oh, the WIFI connection was crappy at first since every other boot prevented the interface from coming up. I had to downgrade to the 1.18 firmware to resolve the issue. Surprisingly streaming a 4GB files over the air works well. I’m happy with the purchase and see potential hacking to make things even better yet!

Yay! The car is back!



My car is finally done. As expected Main Motors Body & Collision did an excellent job with the body repairs.

Now just have to get over the paranoia of people following me to close…

Hang in there BSCi people affected by the RIF

It appears quite a lot of people I know from BSCi were cut yesterday. It makes me angry how one company can cut so deeply all the while the CEO doubled his base salary…

Hang in there folks, fortunately the job market is improving. I’ll do my part and reach out and send job ops I can find or receive.

Anyway, hang in there.

The Epsilon Screw Up

I’m quite disgusted by so many companies have entrusted Epsilon’s services. The latest privacy breach really has me a bit more aware of where my information is stored and question the overall security of our information.

To date the following companies have emailed me about this breach.

  • Best Buy
  • US Bank
  • Hilton
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Chase

I’m sure there will be more.

If it were me I’d expect Epsilon to pay for each and every expense created by this breach. Spammers will for sure take advantage of all the breached information and I’m sure some people will fall for the scams.

If I only had the time to switch to a fresh email address I would surely do it, what a pain huh? Just proves there is a downside to using a single marketing service.  I’m so glad much of my email goes through Gmail since their spam filters are superior. dom0 upgrade complete!

Just a followup on the previous post. Loki (dom0) has been upgraded to Debian 6.x successfully. It was actually quite easy and as expected the domUs started right up after configuring Xen for bridging.

Now that there is a newer kernel I can experiment with things such as btrfs, etc… There should also be so speed ups as well 🙂

Happy Spring! and other hosted sites to be down in the near future

Current planning is in place to upgrade the beyer infrastructure in the next month or so. Mainly software updates will take place on dom0 which will affect all guests due to the upgrade of Xen. Guest will remain at their current version of OS (mainly Debian 5, Ubuntu 10.04, Centos 5.5).

A SSD drive will be added as additional experimental storage for Oracle hosts – should be interesting 🙂

More information to come

Oh the decisions…

With the announcement of the iPad2 from Apple a lot of thought has been placed on whether it’s time to consider a tablet or wait.

What I really have my eye on is the Motorola Xoom mainly because it’s Android and I know that with Android everything Google will work fine. I’m not sure the flash -vs- no-flash is a valid debate, yes it’s nice but I’d hope for a world without flash at some point.

The price of the iPad is very appealing. The price for the Xoom as it exists today is out of my range. Even at the least expensive option I really don’t care for the 2 year contract for the data plan. Personally I’m already paying for a data plan on my mobile phone, I should be able to use it as I wish. Obvious mobile carriers will fight this to the end.

A wifi only option for the Xoom would be awesome, there appears to be a rumor it exists but yet it’s no where to be found so far.

We’ll see. I’ll be curious to hear back from Fro after he picks up the iPad2 and hear his opinion.

The wifi version has arrived since this post and is priced to match the 32GB version of the iPad2. Also Fro has purchased the wifi Xoom and is digging it besides the initial Xoom he purchased which had some rebooting issue.

Meanwhile I’m still on the fence about tablet purchases…