Nothing new here. Had knee surgery on Tuesday, still recoverying and approached 2 miles today. Meh, a bit sore. Going to try to work a bit tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes.

My mind is all over the place these days but as I watch Top Gear (UK) I feel as I have flashed back to the 70s. Hmm

See ya next month ;.)

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (beta)

Installed, nothing really that much different so far, maybe Unity will be better behaved. All hardware works so far.

Time to break this box ಥ_ಥ

Silly things I decide to do…

I’m not sure what gets into my head at times but often I find something silly to work on to pass the time and this time around it was getting FreeBSD 9.0 installed running under Xen with full para-virtualization (PV). In the past (I think it was 8.0) I couldn’t even install FreeBSD as a HVM domU as there was some issue with the bootloader. I started seeing posts around the FreeBSD 8.2 release time frame with people getting FreeBSD running under a Linux Xen machine as domU both HVM and PV so I suppose this finally came up on my list of something to do? Anyway I sort of resolved this installation fix around FreeBSD 8.0 by creating a file based image on an existing FreeBSD system and compiling a FreeBSD XEN enabled kernel. Details for what I consider the old way can be found at the following location: HOWTO: Create a FreeBSD 8 i386 Xen PV domU

The new way I used today involves first installing FreeBSD as a HVM domU and transforming the domU from HVM to PV. The instructions were written for FreeBSD 8.2 and Xen 3.4 but I can confirm that they do work for FreeBSD 9.0 with a few small changes (mainly in block device name – it listed ad1s1a whereas I found I had to use ad1p2 as the main device) and using Xen 4.x. I’m going to read up on what’s new in 9.0 so perhaps devices are being renamed. The new instructions can be found at the following site: Xen FreeBSD 8.2 DomU (PV) — Step by Step Howto

Everything seems to be working and it’s nice to have something new to play around with, not sure how effective the installation will be as far as messing with ZFS goes. One thing I’m pretty sure I’ll run into issues with ZFS is the odd memory cap (850MB) the domU has. Last I heard things like dedup fail in low memory setups.

Until next time…

Glacier National Park Annual Pass for 2012

During our visit to Glacier National Park last summer we stopped by to look at the 1913 St. Mary Ranger Station. While there my wife and I were encouraged to make a few brush strokes to a mural the volunteer (Sheryl Mink ) was working on. Well, that mural is the photo used on the 2012 annual pass for Glacier National Park. Read more at: http://www.nationalparkstraveler.com/2012/01/it-takes-community-create-glacier-national-parks-annual-pass9289.

Highly Productive Weekend – meh?

It’s the designated Quarterly Maintenance weekend for my day job though not all that much I had to assist with since I’m only 50% on the sysdba team. So since I was sticking around for the weekend and there really isn’t all that much to do otherwise while my wife worked I took the time to get Oracle RAC setup in my home server environment again. My previous install was blown away quite a while back to make room for other cool projects.

This time around the entire install was based upon the latest release ( of the Grid Infrastructure and Database. Also this time around I setup the Xen guests as paravirtualized (pv) rather than full (hvm) and used CentOS 5.7 rather than Oracle Enterprise Linux. I hadn’t had experience setting up OEL as a pv but last Fall found a slick way to install CentOS. I’ll miss out on things such as ACFS but I have no desire to use ASM as a LVM (probably since the shared disk I use for ASM is essentially LVs over iSCSI – you can only virtualize so much before it’s pointless -no?)

Overall the entire setup was quite easy. Using open-iSCSI on the guests was the only real thing different from my 11.1 RAC installs. It seems like each RAC install since 11.2 has really been improved and has become quite flawless. I have no real use case for RAC but at least I have a recent setup around again to play around with.

I also decided to attempt my first installation of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. I had one other database server with an adequate amount of memory to attempt the installation but so far it’s been slow going (stuck at 66% for quite some time). I’m sure my ‘ignoring’ the 3GB physical RAM requirement will cause an issue since WebLogic loves to crash on low-memory machines (java… meh) At least I tried and suppose I could always shutdown the two RAC nodes to reclaim 4GB of physical RAM to ensure a successful installation.

So, there you have it, my weekend in less than 500 words.

Note: Summary of installation steps to be provided on Samdog Consulting site in the near future.

Update: Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c install did actually die upon first attempt. Successfully installed after server was brought up with 5GB physical RAM. It’s a pig but to be expected I suppose...

One Year…

Today is offically my one year anniversary at my current employer. I suppose that is consindered somewhat of an accomplishment. Unfortunately nothing really significant happens here until year three so the likely chance of making it to year three could be interesting given my typical employment trend. We’ll see…

Enough Tebow already… oh and I built my own cyanogenmod ROM

I had football on for some background noise and all I hear is Tebow this, Tebow that and the whole religious crap that follows. Unfortunately the Broncos won and there will be more Tebow talk. Ugh..

A while back I found a CM from Scratch article on XDA and finally sat down today to give it a try. I oringally tried on Ubuntu 11.10 but compilers and other programs appear to be too new which resulted in linker errors. I next tried my 10.04 LTS box and probably trashed my Ubuntu (10.04) box in the process but overall I ended up with a ROM of my own. I didn’t test it yet but someday I will when there is more time hopefully after switching over to my other phone.

Not really looking forward to going back to work this week, it’s been quite boring and uninteresting as of lately…

Update: Finally applied the ROM I compiled a while back to the Captivate and no issues, a little bit different than the Cyanogenmod 7.1 but then again it comes up with Cyanogenmod 7.2 RC0 in the build. I’m impressed it actually worked. Bring on CM 9 🙂

Another day another less use of pertinent skills

As for recent I’ve been noticing that I’ve been getting involved with less and less tasks which match my skillset. I guess I should be happy to have freedom to do new things but feel my time at work could be put to better use.

One thing that has been sort of fun is get back into some Perl scripting. I had originally thought of using shell or python but shell was lacking in support of regex I was trying to do and was unfamiliar with connecting to a db with python using the version on the server. Using the Perl included in the Oracle home seemed like the ideal solution as it required no additional module installation (i.e. DBI). So far so good and progress is being made despite the constant requests for status updates…

Career enhancements: nil

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to say Happy New Year all!

Happy Festivus!

Just a Happy Festivus going out to you which acknowledge the day. Now to enjoy the three day weekend 🙂

All I can say is wow there are a lot of people who are doing last minute shopping and running into each other.