As I keep telling myself “change is good!” as well as enjoy keeping myself away from being too comfortable; leaving is often hard as you feel like you gave up on something you’ve but a huge effort into.

People leave for various reasons, often due to work/life imbalance, too much stress, or sick of being woke up every night. I don’t feel none of those really apply this time. Sure things are stressful as a team of 12 dwindles to a team of 4 but at the end of the day there is only so much work that can be done. Management has to accept that or change.

I can’t quite put my finger on the exact cause this time but it seems once you lose your “core brain trust” portion of the team there really isn’t anyone left to bounce ideas off of. This is by no means a fault to the team that is left as it’s just a wide gap of experience between the top and the next rung down.

I feel another significant reason may be towards the lack of approval for investing time into processes that help improve the quality and timely delivery with building infrastructure so that standards are being followed and adhered to. Yes it costs money but at least the team has a chance to survive as key members leave. However for those that join can also leverage any process that has been automated and deliver the quality work our team has been known for.

In conclusion I agree that a business needs to make a profit.. though pushing the most loyal to the point they don’t care is not the approach to take for continued success.

On to the next challenge!