Debian Lenny to Squeeze… sort of a pain.

The site has been up and down a few times in the past few evenings as I am slowly fixing things a after a dist-upgrade. It didn’t appear all that much was different between 5.x and 6.x but there were quite a few issues with NIS and NFS plus lots of other configuration changes to deal with. Anyway its nearly done and probably the last in place upgrade since I’m considering KVM as soon as Wheezy (7.x) is ready.

Otherwise nothing new. Sleep, work, repeat …

Side note: When upgrading postgres really doesn’t upgrade like you think it would or should – maybe that is a good thing? Unlike mysql it doesn’t just perform the upgrade on the database. In Lenny postgres 8.3 was installed and during the upgrade to Squeeze 8.4 was installed. As I was cleaning old packages up I do recall aptitude wanting to remove the 8.3 binaries so I did (still thinking the data from 8.3 was in 8.4). Oddly enough the 8.3 instance was still running and available to query/update by my Ruby on Rails app. I ended up finally re-installing the 8.3 client and using pg_dumpall to save my database and then loaded it into 8.4, killed the 8.3 instance and configured my app for 8.4. It seems as if I need to spend more time with postgres to understand how it differs from what I’m typically used to.