CM10: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

And while back I noticed that there were some nightly CM10 builds out for my cappy (Samsung Captivate) and I’ve given them a try a couple times to see what Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.x) was like, more specifically to experience Google Now. Well given the title of this post I might as well say the good is that the ROM actually flashes fairly painlessly. You do have to reinstall apps and setup accounts which is to be expected given using another release of Android. So far the bad is that something is broken in the media scanner services as after the setup none of my media such as pictures, music, and videos show up in apps such as gallery, Google Music, etc… There are several posts indicating this was some sort of ROM Manager issue with .nomedia files but the solutions to resolve those issues were not applicable to my scenario. What it appears to be the issue is that media scanner is somehow dying and not scanning the SD card correctly. I’ve formatted the SD card and copied some files back to the SD, cleared data in the Media Storage app and rebooted. Yet no luck so I’ve reverted back to CM9.1 for sanity. For the ugly, I suppose the bad is partially the ugly since it’s annoying. Thankfully restoring from the nandroid backup makes it fairly easy to get back to stable, well until you start formatting the SD card of course ;).

It’s only been a couple of weeks since nightlies started so hopefully in the next month or so the issue is resolved. It appears that some are not experiencing the issue so perhaps certain device specific type of issue. I’m just amazed the CM team is still supporting this two year old device and surprised how well CM9 runs on it considering the older hardware.

Update: The issue has been resolved by deleting files created by Camera 360 (C360*.*). Once those files were removed all the media on my device is showing up. I posted this to the following forum and it has helped others as well.