Downtown: 1 Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe I’ve been once again working downtown Minneapolis for one year. I have enjoyed it for the most part and each day I feel I made the right choice. One of the greater joys I have experienced is the ability to utilize mass transit for my daily commute.

As far as the employment front I have mixed feelings. The first position really gave me the freedom to learn and expand my knowledge which would greatly improve my overall career. The second position not so much. I feel quite trapped and am not getting my technical fix which can only lead to dissatisfaction as time passes. Of course I am grateful for the opportunities my employers provide me but I do need to be a bit selfish with defining my own career.

For the time being I’ll make the most of what I am given and try to be excited for opportunities to learn or at least look at things not as interesting to me personally. Perhaps things will change or perhaps there is a lateral move to something I would enjoy more. In the meantime my technical fix will have to provided outside of my day job.

A special thanks to those I worked with at my first position downtown, you all were the best despite my ocassionsal dissatisfaction with out of hours work I really enjoyed the opportunities provided and technical satisfaction.

Also, a thanks to those I’m currently working with. Don’t mind my remarks from time to time, I doubt I’ll ever fully adjust to a large corporation setting again, that’s just how it goes after working for smaller companies… You’ll find me cube 10123 trying to avoid the bright overhead lights (is there a real need for lights every six feet?).

To those that I spend 30-35 minutes each way to and from work – thanks for not bothering me when I’m deep in thought and wearing my headphones. Through constant silence our time together is enjoyable.


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