The Epsilon Screw Up

I’m quite disgusted by so many companies have entrusted Epsilon’s services. The latest privacy breach really has me a bit more aware of where my information is stored and question the overall security of our information.

To date the following companies have emailed me about this breach.

  • Best Buy
  • US Bank
  • Hilton
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Chase

I’m sure there will be more.

If it were me I’d expect Epsilon to pay for each and every expense created by this breach. Spammers will for sure take advantage of all the breached information and I’m sure some people will fall for the scams.

If I only had the time to switch to a fresh email address I would surely do it, what a pain huh? Just proves there is a downside to using a single marketing service.  I’m so glad much of my email goes through Gmail since their spam filters are superior.

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